-51% Travelux Zoom 4 Mobility Scooter

Travelux Zoom 4 Mobility Scooter

The Travelux Zoom 4 Mobility Scooter is a contemporary styled four-wheel scooter with removable battery cassette, you can take if you want to charge it just upstairs to load it beyond the scooter. You do not even have electricity in your garage or your storage space. It is therefore possible to purchase an extra battery pack that allows you to increase the range of the zoom. The battery pack is easy portability in the basket which is mounted under the seat. 

The TRAVELUX Zoom is available in two different colours, namely blue and red. Below hear what item number in the colour scooter. The scooter comes with batteries and charger

The Zoom is equipped with:

Collapsible steering column;

Detachable swivel seat;

Shopping cart;

Leak-proof tires;

Removable folding armrests.

  • Overall length: 105 cm
  • Overall width: 59 cm
  • Total Weight:  57 kg
  • User Weight:  115 kg

  • Available colours:  Red / Blue
  • Seat width:  43 cm
  • Seat depth:  40 cm
  • Ground clearance:  7 cm

  • Max. speed:  8 km/h
  • Batteries:  2 x 18amp
  • Range:  15 Km

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Engineer Delivery Included

To ensure you get the very best service when purchasing a mobility scooter , we have included our Piece of Mind engineer delivery service with this product.

If your mobility restricts you from safely assembling your new product or perhaps you live in a rural area or flats, our Engineered Delivery option would be our recommendation. This service is only available to our customers on the UK mainland.

The Engineered delivery service on all Mobility scooters we provide is included however you do have the option on some mobility scooters, ( mainly the mini scooter) to opt for our Box only delivery service. This will ensure you receive the scooter faster than the engineered delivery service and is ideal if you are happy to take the scooter out of the box and do the minimal assembly and preparation required.

You will receive a phone call from our engineers to arrange an appointment suitable for you

Once your appointment has been booked our engineers will perform a pre-delivery inspection to ensure your product arrives in perfect condition, fully charged and ready to go!

Your new Mobility product will be delivered and assembled by a trained technician; the technician will assemble and test the basic operations of your new product at your home. Once everything is ready to go, the engineer will give a demonstration of your new product to ensure you know how it works.

The engineer will demonstrate for you the basic operations of your new product; charging, preparing for transport and assembly. The engineers will then remove any unwanted packaging when they leave.
Engineered Delivery Features.

    Pre-delivery check.
    Full onsite assembly of your product.
    Full onsite demonstration of your product.
    Demonstration of daily use of your product.
    All Packaging removed.
    Handover certificate on completion.

We aim to provide the engineered delivery service to our customers to allow the safe assembly of larger mobility products to ensure you get the most from your mobility product

Travelux Zoom 4 Mobility Scooter

Engineer Delivery Save a 1/3 off This Month

Choose our Engineer Delivery Option and get your Scooter set up at your home. Includes handover demonstration so you know how to get the best from your scooter Save a 1/3 off at only £60

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